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Memorable Moments for your Monday

Last week i shared the first of many moments I've dubbed "brides favorites" and I'm excited to share this next one, courtesy of Claire, one of my May 2014 brides. And I have to say: I.Just.Love.This.

Claire had 3 favorite moments from her wedding day, including this one. It's one of those moments she and her husband will remember forever. They may forget how beautiful their table centerpiece looked, they may forget how yummy the food was or how perfect the weather was. But they won't forget this.

This photo is from the hora (hava nagilah). We still laugh about it because the band clearly had never played the hora before and they just kept going and going and going. A friend told us later that the band leader grabbed him and asked, “When do we stop?” and our friend replied “I have NO CLUE! Just keep going!!!” It went on forever and we were having so much fun we didn’t even notice! The band did a perfectly imperfect job—it felt like us! - Claire

I worked with Claire and her mom for over a year planning this special day - exchanging hundreds of emails and phone calls and ideas and plans - so it was so nice to see how happy the entire family was when the day finally arrived and everything had come together so perfectly! And as "perfectly imperfect" this moment was, like I said, it's one they won't ever forget. I hope Claire and Michael are off creating dozens more perfectly imperfect moments as husband and wife. I have no doubt that they are.



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