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Shauna was incredible! My now husband and I live in Oregon and our wedding was at my parents' house in Wrightsville Beach. Planning was going to be a nightmare from such a long distance, but Shauna made everything work so smoothly. She had a list of vendors she trusted, responded by email promptly and scheduled conference phone calls regularly, and had great advice during the planning process. On the day of the wedding, everything was perfect! Shauna and her team made the whole evening work seamlessly. She thought of everything, even making sure the caterers saved us a plate of food and that we ate before being swarmed by our guests. I would recommend Shauna over and over again. She is organized, patient, and a delight to work with!

~ Erin, May 2019


Thank you thank you! From start to finish you rocked. I couldn’t have done this wedding without you. You were a pleasure to work with it. Everyone loved you. Thank you for everything.

~ Christina, September 2019

Katie and Lew-107.jpg

Ever since our wedding, I have been trying to come up with the right things to say so as to encompass how much we LOVE Shauna and loved working with her. We cannot talk about her and compliment her enough! Shauna was like a fairy godmother who came into our lives and made the whole wedding process from start to finish seamless, fun, and wonderful. We did not think we would ever be able to have our dream wedding on Bald Head Island, a place that is very dear to us, but Shauna made it happen! Our wedding was initially scheduled for October, however we had to reschedule due to Hurricane Florence. Shauna was a life saver and handled everything with our vendors and made the whole postponement so easy on us. She made the whole day absolutely beautiful, and the whole process completely stress free. She provided excellent communication and went above and beyond what we ever could have asked of her. She is so sincere and puts so much of her heart into the planning and the actual wedding, we could not be more grateful for her! You can tell she has such a love for what she does! We love SLP! ❤️

~ Katie, April 2019


Shauna is simply amazing! She was the “day-of” coordinator for our wedding but went above and beyond any and all expectations we had of her! She was not only there throughout the month of the wedding, she helped us out so much along the way and even came to meetings with us to make sure all was going smoothly! With quick email responses, phone meetings and quick answers to all of our questions throughout engagement and wedding planning, she was irreplaceable! The day of the wedding could NOT have been done without Shauna! She was my go-to for any question I had or any question any of my vendors had (and there were a lot that day!) She treated my wedding as if it were her own daughters wedding.. doing everything with a smile and with such grace and patience! Everything on my wedding day was absolutely perfect and ran on time and smoothly ALL thanks to Shauna! She truly was like a second mom on wedding day and made sure that my groom and I enjoyed our day as much as possible! I recommend her to anyone that needs help with anything wedding.. she is the best in the business!

~ Hannah, March 2019

Amelia Montgomery Wedding Edits0476.jpg

Shauna planned my 5/4/19 wedding on Bald Head Island and I cannot recommend her enough. I am getting emotional thinking about it because I honestly can't think of one thing that really went wrong over our wedding weekend. She helped us pick a services package that worked for our budget and needs, gave us helpful insight throughout the process, helped me navigate issues with family, made sure all the details were taken care of and made wonderful suggestions when we really didn't know what we wanted. I described my disorganized and disconnected vision to her and she sent me a beautiful vision board that perfectly captured what I wanted. I asked if she knew of any bands and she sent us a list, but highlighted her recommendations. We went with her recommendation and the bad was amazing!! Our guests have raved to us about them. I honestly wish I had leaned more on Shauna for some of the details that I tried to figure out myself. Also - my husband and I have extremely demanding jobs and are hard to get a hold of. Shauna was so patient with me and flexible. She's very easy to communicate with but also very on top of her game. Thank you so much to Shauna and for anyone considering a wedding in Bald Head or the surrounding area, I HIGHLY recommend engaging her as your planner. You will not regret it - we felt it was money well spent.

~ Amelia, May 2019


Shauna planned my wedding on 6/8/19 at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington. She was the single most valuable asset I had when planning my wedding. I used her partial planning package, and she helped me every step of the way. She brought all of my ideas to life. If I had pictures saved of things I liked, she helped me execute them. Or, if I didn't know what I wanted, she gave me lots of tips from the past weddings she has planned.

Shauna took care of all vendor communication, which was invaluable, because brides are busy enough as it is. Every single thing went perfectly on our wedding weekend thanks to Shauna. She ran our rehearsal perfectly, even in the rain! The rehearsal dinner was set up without me even having to think about it. The entire wedding day was flawless. My family and wedding party could not stop raving about her, from the detailed instructions she sent everyone beforehand, to how she handled the day itself. I didn't have to worry about anything and she brought my wedding dreams to life. I truly could not have had such a magical day without her. 

~ Leah, June 2019

Jennifer Peoples Wedding Social Media Ed

Shauna was the perfect wedding planner! My husband and I had a destination wedding and we weren't familiar with any of the local vendors, Shauna made the perfect recommendations for our florist, DJ, officiant and bakery. We would have been lost without her guidance. She was very quick to respond to communication and was always ready to help when issues came up. She kept us on track to meet all of our deadlines and was great to work with. Shauna has an easy going personality and really listens to what the couple has to say. I would absolutely recommend anyone getting married in the Wilmington, NC area, use her as your wedding planner, you won't regret it!

~ Jennifer, October 2018


I cannot recommend Shauna enough! On top of being a natural procrastinator I was planning my wedding from Atlanta and she made communicating with all of my vendors leading up to the final days easy. With her help I was able to focus on the numerous project and details that I needed to complete while she helped coordinate the logistics of everything. From distributing the timeline to our bridal party and vendors to making sure we kept to the timeline we set out, she was the reason that our wedding went so smoothly! If you are looking for someone to help with your big day go with Shauna!

~ Nicole, September 2018


Shauna was a lifesaver. Quite literally.  We were planning to get married on Bald Head Island, NC. However, the weekend before our wedding, Hurricane Florence slammed into Bald Head Island, closing our venue and vendors.  Needless to say, 5 days before the wedding we had to frantically come up with a backup plan. We had to plan an entirely new wedding. She was with us every single step of the way, supporting us and making arrangements.  She brought a sense of peace and security to our entire wedding weekend experience when everything around us was hectic.  Shauna’s organization and leadership is truly unmatched. I credit her with the flawless wedding day. The day of the wedding you would have never known it was a backup plan because Shauna made sure the day was distraction free and absolutely beautiful. Additionally, rather than going back to check on her home after the storm, she chose to meet us in our new location to plan the new wedding, which speaks volumes to who she is and how she cares for her clients. We felt unbelievably cared for and heard by her.  Not only was Shauna amazing during the time of distress and tragedy when we realized the day we had planned together for 10 months wasn’t going to happen, she was incredible during the entire process.  From constant communication, creative design ideas, organizing our wedding parties, coordinating wedding weekend plans/timeline, and on-and-on, Shauna was truly an INCREDIBLE wedding planner. Any vendor we mentioned Shauna’s name too, could not say enough amazing things about her.  We would hire Shauna 1,000 times over again and would suggest that you do the same.

~Erika, September 2018


Shauna is amazing!! We originally sought out Shauna to assist with our wedding on Bald Head Island. Having had worked on the island, she is extremely knowledgeable about the ins and outs of a wedding on BHI. She was a lifesaver in taking the stress off of myself (the Bride) and my mother. Her dedication to her business is apparent and in every step of the process we felt we could trust her 100% with our special day.

~Anna, October 2018


Shauna is a wedding planning rockstar! We could not have done all the planning without her. Her organization, problem solving and attention to detail are some of her best strengths and made the whole process go really smoothly. She is proactive and asks all the right questions! Thanks for making our big day perfect!!!

~ Paige, April 2018


Shauna is an amazing wedding planner! We couldn't have done it without her. We got married on Bald Head Island, and she tied the whole event together, and was always one step ahead. Its rare to be able to find someone that you can fully trust to get everything done (especially something as personal as a wedding). Shauna is the person you want on the job, she nailed it. Would highly recommend her services.

~ Shelley, September 2018

Shauna was the saving grace in my wedding! I started planning my wedding in November 2017 and didn’t originally intend to have a wedding planner. Everything was coming together- I had a vision and vendors and a budget, but I still felt like something was missing. I “met” with two other planners before finding Shauna and they only offered phone calls instead of meeting in person and I felt like they were selling me on their services the whole time. When I setup a meeting with Shauna we met over coffee and she asked me tons of questions about my day that I hadn’t even thought about. She started giving me recommendations and was basically helping me before a contract had even been discussed. I immediately felt comfortable with her and even though I chose her “day-of” coordinator package she went above and beyond for me all of the days leading up to my wedding. When I say that my wedding day went off without a hitch it’s not an exaggeration- I would highly recommend Shauna Loves Planning to anyone who asks!

~ Meaghan, June 2018

My husband and I got married on April 14, 2018 on Bald Head Island, NC. Working with Shauna was the best decision we made during the wedding planning process. I have been vacationing at Bald Head Island for 20+ years, so my mom and I thought it would be so easy to plan the wedding ourselves. We were completely wrong! To say Shauna is amazing is an understatement. She was pleasant, organized, professional, recommended the best vendors, and allowed me to have peace of mind. She turned my vision into a reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making April 14th the best day of my life!

- Julia, April 2018

As a Mom having a daughter getting married on Bald Head Island I knew I was going to need some help. After meeting Shauna we knew she would be the one to guide and help us through the process and wow did she come through! She was so patient and calming and helped that she has planned many weddings on BHI. We could not have been happier having Shauna by our sides the past 14 months! She is so organized and whenever we needed to get hold of her she was immediately there by phone, email or text. She is the BEST!! Thank you Shauna!
- Charlotte (MOB) May 2018

Shauna planned our September wedding on Bald Head Island and we can't say enough good things about her! She is warm, kind and very organized making the planning process really simple and fun. The weekend of the wedding she was all over everything and didn't let a detail slip. Thanks to Shauna our wedding was stress free. We can't recommend her enough!
- Kaelin, September 2017

We live in New York and had our wedding in Bald Head Island NC. Shauna Loves Planning helped make sure everything went smoothly and thought of all the little planning details I would have forgotten. Without Shauna's help our wedding would have been very stressful. I would highly recommend using Shauna Loves Planning if you are getting married in the Wilmington area. I booked the day of coordinator package several months after I started planning and really wish I had found Shauna Loves Planning earlier and had her help planning my wedding from the beginning, she is very knowledgeable about all the vendors and venues in the area.
- Tara, September 2017

Shauna is the BEST of the best. I have nothing but incredible things to say about her work, professionalism, endless knowledge, and how patient and friendly she was throughout the entire process, including our wedding weekend. If a vendor was booked for our date, Shauna had recommendations for a new one and reached out to them immediately. I didn't stress about many things I otherwise would have because of Shauna's insight and help. She put together a detailed timeline of who needed to be where beginning with the middle of our wedding week, and she made sure everyone had the timeline. If you are considering working with Shauna, you absolutely should! I am forever thankful to her for how much she did to make our wedding weekend a success!!
- Natalie, September 2017

Our wedding was a dream come true and surpassed all of our expectations. Our destination wedding would not have been possible if we did not have Shauna. She was extremely professional, organized, and insightful throughout all aspects of our wedding planning process and during final execution of all the planning on the wedding day. If it were not for her relationships and experience with the vendors in the area, we would have had a very hard and stressful experience planning from states away. She communicated all our needs and wishes to the vendors and saved us SO much time and stress. The wedding day timeline she developed was critical to our day running as seamlessly as it did and she made sure everything was set up exactly as I had planned with her. We really can not thank Shauna enough for all her help on making our wedding the best day of our lives.
- Theresa, July 2017

Shauna was a true lifesaver as we planned our wedding! From finding the perfect vendors to coordinating every single detail, our day was perfect because of her. She kept things on time and moving, without making us feel rushed, which meant we were able to 100% enjoy our day. I couldn't imagine having done this without her help! I mean she had a baby a week before our wedding and still knocked it way out of the park! If that doesn't say absolute pro, then I don't know what does!

- London, April 2017

We had our wedding on Bald Head Island, NC and working with Shauna was the best decision we have ever made! I had been vacationing there for years but planning a wedding at Bald Head Island was something completely different. It required a lot of knowledge and expertise. She helped turn my vision into a reality! I can honestly it was one of the best days of my life! I would highly recommend Shauna Gartz for your next event. She is the best!!!!!
- Ashleigh, March 2018

Working with Shauna made wedding planning possible! A seasoned Bald Head Island wedding planner, she made planning a wedding on an island and from afar more than do-able. If you’re thinking about a destination wedding and are concerned about the planning, Shauna has you covered! During the year that I worked with her, no email went unanswered, no detail overlooked. And when our wedding day finally arrived – and it rained – Shauna had a backup plan in place and rolled out without me having to think about a thing. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to know that she had it under control and I didn’t have to worry about the backup plan. Shauna has it all together – and a network of the best vendors that enjoy working her and sing her praises (and I think that speaks volumes as well – when I told our vendors that Shauna was our planner, they gushed about her and how much they enjoyed working with her). I truly enjoyed working with Shauna and after having been in numerous weddings at a variety of locations and destinations around the world, Shauna is the most organized, professional, and kind wedding planner there is! She gave me honest, good advice and was not just a planner, but a friend, in the process. We can’t say enough good things about her and give her our highest recommendation.

- Jessica, May 2017

I initially thought that I could plan my entire wedding by myself, but I quickly realized that I was in way over my head. Like most brides, I work full time. I also feel that I'm pretty organized, however I started to feel very overwhelmed from the start. Shauna was the smartest decision out of the whole wedding planning. We met and clicked immediately. She was on top of each decision and vendor. She was excellent in communicating and keeping me on track with my budget. She even had a baby 3 weeks prior to my wedding and never skipped a beat with details/vendors/timeline/etc... She was amazing and I highly recommend her!

- Erin, May 2017

Thank you so much for the planning & execution of a beautiful, perfect wedding! Wow - we are truly speechless at how grateful and impressed and pleased we are at how the big day turned out. It would not have been possible without your talent and expertise. We knew when we fell in love with you that you'd have a special place in our hearts and our wedding process, wherever it ended up being held! We are forever grateful for your thoughtfulness and support that made the whole experience even more speicial for us. Your joy, kindness and never ending professionalism is an inspiration and a blessing for any bride! 

- Kimberly, September 2016

Shauna was the absolute best thing about my wedding! I got married last November on Bald Head Island and we had four days of parties with over 300 guests. Shauna worked tirelessly with me to get everything organized, and every step of the way she went above and beyond. From helping me navigate family politics, to SO many seating chart updates, to giving me new and fun ideas that were exactly my taste, Shauna made me feel so loved, known, and prepared for the weekend. Throughout the wedding weekend I didn't stress about a single thing, I knew Shauna had it all covered. I am a planner myself, and I say that investing in Shauna was the best decision we made for our wedding. I got to be involved where I wanted to, and in other places I just trusted her! Most of our guests said that ours was the best wedding they've ever attended, and Shauna was a large part of that! Cannot speak highly enough of her!

- Margaret Holt, November 2016

All I can say is Shauna saved my life! I was working during the wedding planning and under much stress. A friend recommended Shauna and I am so glad I listened. Shauna handled everything. She had wonderful ideas and spent time researching what we needed or wanted. Shauna always answerd her phone or called me back immediately to answer all my questions no matter how many times I called!!! She also shopped around for the best price and negotiated with vendors. I appreciate shauna's hard work and dedication. You will not be sorry if you choose this wedding planner!
- Cathy (MOB), May 2016

Shauna was amazing, she truly went above and beyond for us. Because of her, our wedding turned out perfectly, and we did not have to worry about anything at all. Throughout the entire planning process, Shauna was always talking with us and helping us to figure out what needed to be done. She came up with suggestions and did all of the dirty work in sending us ideas for seating charts, place settings, coasters, napkins, and many other accessories. Her timeline for the wedding weekend was amazing and was such a great thing to have. Shauna was able to keep everyone on track and ran the wedding rehearsal as well as the wedding day perfectly. We could not recommend her more, she made the day so simple and easy for us, which let us fully enjoy our wedding.
- Samantha, September 2016

Shauna was instrumental in helping us pull off the perfect day for our wedding on Bald Head Island. Having a Bald Head Island wedding involved some unusual logistics (ie, coordinating ferry times, arranging golf carts for friends and family, and keeping vendors in line), not to mention the usual job of managing the itinerary for the wedding itself. But she did a brilliant job of managing everything. Shauna was impeccably organized and prepared both before the wedding, and during our big day. All questions were answered timely, and all of our special requests - even the last minute ones - were well attended. We can't recommend her strongly enough, either as a wedding planner or day-of coordinator!
- Adam, October 2016

Shauna was fantastic to work with!!! Our wedding was on Bald Head Island, NC, and it was absolutely perfect! Shauna is calm, collected, organized, and incredibly talented. I strongly recommend her to anyone considering planning a wedding on Bald Head Island or in the surrounding area. Shauna has worked on Bald Head Island and in the Wilmington area for a number of years and has developed great relationships with some of the best vendors in the area. She made the planning experience very easy and fun. She definitely went above and beyond to make our special day everything we had ever dreamed of. Shauna is a very hard worker who is passionate about what she does and dedicated to making your vision and dreams come true. I am so thankful to have had her help and support. Thank you, Shauna!!
- Britt, December 2015

For every aspect of her wedding, my daughter sketched her wedding scene. Shauna’s expertise insured all was fully illustrated in breathtaking, beautiful detail. Truthfully, I was deeply impressed, and deep down grateful, that all my daughter’s chosen vendors were excited to learn they would be under Shauna’s wedding wing. Each and every vendor assured me that Shauna was the best in her field, a joy to work with, the go to expert for a flawless timeline and smooth segues in all ceremony and reception needs. This all proved completely true. My daughter’s wedding was as perfect as any could be. Shauna deserves the bow! Wedding over, Shauna is no longer our wedding planner, but she remains a friend my daughter and I will forever cherish.
- Bonnie (MOB) December 2015

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but Shauna helped us every step of the way-- before, during, and after our rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. Both events were elegant and beautifully crafted. Their experience and expertise helped us have an unforgettable weekend of events. She helped coordinate all aspects of my wedding day ---set up transportation, managed our vendors, made special arrangements with our band, and even proactively brought us water during our "first look” at the Chapel. Shauna was engaged from start (even before the contract was signed), responded quickly to phone calls and emails, was accommodating even with last minute changes, and was extremely helpful in making final decisions on the details. She goes above and beyond to make your wedding run smoothly.
- Abby, August 2015

Shauna helped us plan and execute a wedding of our dreams on Bald Head! She is top notch! Shauna made the planning process so much easier as she understands the endless options and decisions and how to best accommodate your ideas into the space and budget. She is very even keeled and an overall calming presence - which is a blessing in wedding planning. We had a tropical storm hit (in May) and she was quick to help come up with a new layout to bring the band inside and accommodate the dance floor, food stations, flow of the guest, etc. Shauna made a stressful situation a breeze!


- Jackie, May 2015

Shauna (our event manager) was AMAZING! I think I emailed her 2,000 times while planning our wedding, she was there for every  question and concern I had.

- Stephanie, September 2015

Our wedding was everything we imagined. I never thought I would say that, as I am my own worst critic! Shauna and her team guided us with patience, kindness, practical sense, business acumen and thought all along the way during our 9 months of planning. From nailing down the date to finalizing the table numbers and helping us negotiate with our vendors, she is an absolute professional and goes above and beyond what most event planners do. She is very talented and her no-nonsense but kind attitude and supreme organizational skills really set her apart. Though I typically like to be in charge and am wary of some event planners being in the business myself, I felt fully confident in Shauna's execution, her taste, and her recommendations... and she truly was the secret to everything coming together for a beautiful reception with many moving parts.

 - Lizz, September 2014

Shauna fielded so many emails from my mom… and me over the 15 months leading up to our wedding. And still, she gracefully responded to us with prompt, thoughtful, and well-written emails. She has the no-nonsense business approach that every bride needs in their primary vendor contact (but most brides do not get). Plus, she was a joy to work with! She is willing to accommodate, while standing firm on what she can and can't promise. Huge kudos to her for all that she does and for her poise and seamless execution.

- Claire, May 2014

Shauna is quite simply -the best. She is kind,flexible and will bend over backwards for her brides. Plus she is so much fun to work with!

- Erin, May 2014

Shauna Gartz and her team went above and beyond to ensure our wedding reception was absolutely perfect. She made the process seamless with minimal effort on our part. We will be forever grateful to Shauna.  

- Ashton, April 2014

From the moment we met with Shauna Gartz, the wedding and event planner, we knew we were in good hands. The whole planning process was easy and fun, from the tastings for the reception to the last minute planning details, the personalized service, organization, attention to detail, and commitment to making the reception a success was impeccable!


- Mary (MOB), September 2013


The wedding coordinator, Shauna Harris Gartz, is absolutely amazing. Planning a destination wedding can be difficult but Shauna really helped hold our hand through the process and was there to answer all our questions. She is a seasoned professional who knows the ins and out of planning a wedding.

- Caitlin, July 2013

The wonderful Shauna was our wedding coordinator and she went above and beyond her job. She helped me think of every detail... The day of our wedding was perfect. It’s the best party I've ever been to :) Not a single thing went wrong! My husband and I were able to completely enjoy our reception and we didn’t worry about a thing. 


- Magan, June 2012

From the very start of the planning process, Shauna was there to help us design our dream wedding. She recommended fabulous vendors to us as we were unfamiliar with anyone in the area. Shauna coordinated with all of our vendors to make sure our ceremony and reception went on without a hitch.


- Grace, June 2012

Shauna will be your saving grace. She is so sweet, helpful, and will make your wedding day seamless!  

- Megan, June 2012

Words cannot express how amazing it was working with Shauna for our June wedding. I know that on my end, as the bride, working with Shauna (who is literally heaven-sent) was an incredible experience.  

- Ann, June 2012

Shauna was so great to work with through the entire planning process- she is a problem solver and always has great ideas. She truly has a gift and passion for her job.

- Georgiana, June 2011

Shauna... is magic - and she helped me implement my vision of the weekend every step of the way. We couldn't have pulled it all off without her. 


- Anna, May 2011

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