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Memorable Moments for your Monday

A little while ago, I started thinking about those moments during your own wedding that you look around, take it all in and make a note to yourself to remember, because this particular moment amongst all the other moments, is absolutely perfect. Some brides have a few of these moments and some have one that sticks out more than the rest. Most (if not all) will say the moment when you connect eyes with your groom for the first time is the most unforgettable and special moment. Many brides will tell you that at some point during their reception when they've seen everything they worked so hard for all come together, that was their unforgettable moment. I wanted to start a collection, so that I could better serve my couples during their big day, so I asked a few of my past couples to tell me about their most unforgettable moments. The response... was tremendous! I asked their permission to share these moments on my blog so that you all can take note of some moments you may not want to forget at your own wedding! So here is the first installment of Memorable Moments for your Monday:

This one's from Megan, a bride I had the pleasure of working with on her June 2012 wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding for such a sweet couple. The groom was such a quiet and sweet man, much like the bride's father, which made this moment so perfect. Read below from Megan:

Part of my Dad's wedding speech included a surprise for all of us! He shared with us all that the exact place where my husband asked my father for my hand in marriage was the same place my father had asked my grandfather for my mother's hand in marriage. (He also revealed that he had kept this little story to himself - hadn't even shared it with his wife - until today, at his daughter's wedding, at this very moment!) Our whole family erupted in tears. It still touches my heart!


The couple's photographer, Anne Liles, captured the moment the significance of her father's story hit the bride, with this photograph. Everytime I look at it, I get those same goosebumps crawling up my arms, just like I did when I heard the story in person. I wasn't surprised when Megan told me this was one of her favorite moments, but I was excited that I could share this with you all and told her this was one of my all-time favorite moments, from any wedding I've ever had the pleasure of working! (No pressure to all you Dads with daughter's getting married :)

Megan had a couple other moments that i'll share with you later, but I thought for the first Memorable Moments post, this one was absolutely perfect, all on it's own.

Happy Monday,


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