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Big, Beautiful, Bouquets

Weddings are about two individuals celebrating their love and committing to a life together. That, in and of itself is pretty special. There's no better feeling than working with a couple who are so obviously in love, the world feels a bit lighter and a bit happier. And ok, I'll occasionally shed a tear when they're standing at the altar and reading their vows of love and life to one another. (But I'll deny that if anyone asks!)

However... other than the beautiful couple, the beautiful bouquets are my other favorite part of a wedding! The flowers are what spruce up the tables and differentiate it from any other event you'll attend. They add color, they add texture, they add scent, they add so much, in my opinion. In fact, when I got married several years ago, I {almost} cried two times... once when I was reading my vows to my soon to be husband and also, about 30 minutes earlier, when my amazing florist handed me my bouquet. It was stunning and exactly what I had wanted without ever having to tell her what it was I wanted. She is that good. And this is where I plug Kim Fisher Designs. Truly an amazing talent!

Lately I've been noticing a new trend in bouquets. They're bigger and less structured - meaning they're not a perfect round bouquet of blooms like they once were. Their width is much wider than they used to be, some angle down to one side, some are straight across, many feature one large bloom amongst several smaller and medium sized stems. They have a lot more greenery than they used to and a lot more variance in color and flower. Gone are the days of single flower bouquets. Gone are the days of single color bouquets - although an all white bouquet is still a classic in my mind.

I love the evolution of bouquets over the years and am excited for what they will look like in coming years. If I can make one suggestion, it is this... If you trust your florist and are open to their ideas, give them the freedom to come up with something beautiful. They'll blow you away. When I got married, I told my florist a few flowers I liked and a few colors I was thinking and then told her to do whatever she thought would look good. I never would have come up with a bouquet for myself and my bridesmaids as beautiful if I had hand picked each and every flower. They are the pros for a reason so let them come up with something amazing. You won't regret it and you may just be the start of the next big trend!

Best, Shauna

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