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Black wedding ideas that won't scare you!

Using the color black in your wedding design is a scary thought for some brides, who have dreamt of their day in white for as long as they can remember. Black is bold, Black is romantic, black is flattering and when done right, Black is beautiful to incorporate into your wedding day decor.

There are a few things to consider when using the color black on your wedding day though.

1. Is it the right season for black? A spring or summer wedding may not be the time to pull out the black, but when used in moderation, or as an accent color, black works great for a fall or winter wedding. Don't use black as your main color, but use it to pull the eye towards the places you want guests to look. For example, your table setting... don't use a black table cloth that will hide everything else on the table, but use black containers to hold brightly colored flowers, or menu cards on top of your place setting, even cushions on your chairs or chair cover drapes.

2. As mentioned above, the key to using black at your wedding is moderation. An all black wedding cake is scary to me for multiple reasons, mostly because black fondant = black stained teeth. But a cake with accents of black can be beautiful and delicious!

3. Today's bride doesn't necessarily wear white... or off-white, or cream or ivory or champagne. Brides can wear colored gowns and black is as much an option as pink or rose or blush. Black says formal though, so if you're planning a casual backyard reception with lawn games and a low country boil or BBQ buffet, you might want to avoid black and go for something bright and springy.

4. Make sure the color black works with your venue space. If your reception is being held at the local country club with emeral green and light blue carpeting, black might not be an option. But if you have a tented reception with a white liner, black can be a great accent color. Use black in the small details like drink straws and the large details like dance floors and drapes. Use bold metalics like gold and silver to bring it all together.

Don't be afraid to use black. Black is back! Happy Planning!


All images courtesy SMP and Pinterest!

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