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Back to the Weddings Past

This week, the world seemed to be focused on one specific date, October 21, 2015. This was the date Marty McFly traveled into the "future" back in 1985. The country was a bit obsessed with comparing what the Back to the Future movie directors thought 2015 would look like versus what it actually looks like. No flying cars, no quick-drying jackets or self-lace sneakers but possibly a hover board coming sometime in our near future. And sadly, as we discovered on 10/21/2015, the Cubs were not going to win the world series as the BTTF franchise predicted. But all this got me to thinking about how much weddings have changed over the last 30 years.



It also makes me wonder what the weddings of 2045 will look like! My hope is that Shauna Loves Planning will be a part of it, in whatever shape or form it takes on!

Cheers to the future... and the past!


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