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Welcome to Shauna Loves Planning!

Welcome to Shauna Loves Planning, LLC! Wow... is this real life? Is this really, finally happening? You have to understand, I've been toying with the idea of opening my own wedding & event planning business for probably 7 or 8 years now and today, TODAY, I'm finally doing it! As you can imagine, it's a very exciting time for me personally and professionally. A dream has become a reality. How often does that happen in one's life?

So here's the scoop... Shauna Loves Planning, LLC., is a wedding & event planning business, owned and operated out of Wilmington, North Carolina, but available to work in any city, any country, and practically any location you dream of! With a background in both social and corporate event planning, we can help with virtually any kind of event you're looking to host. We offer flexible and customizable packages that range from Full Service, Partial Service/Month Of, A la Carte and coming soon, our Destination package.

You have a lot of choices when hiring your wedding or event planner, so why choose Shauna Loves Planning? Why don't I give you 5 reasons:

1. I am eager. Having just launched the business, I'm eager to start working and I'm really looking forward to booking, planning and delivering for our first of hopefully many clients.

2. I am quick. Many of my past clients, couples, coworkers, vendors, etc... have all expressed their gratitude for how quickly they've received a response when emailing or calling me with questions. Hey, that's just how I roll.

3. I am detailed. In my opinion, the details will make your event memorable, smooth, and if you do it right, stress-free. No detail is deemed insignificant or too small.

4. I am easy-going. I don't get rattled easily. In fact, I've been told by many past clients that I am a calming presence. I like that. I will do everything in my power to make something happen for you when and how you request it.

5. I work with the best. I've worked with some of the best this industry has to offer and I know what they can do for you. In fact, I've often times referred to a collaboration of specific vendors as the A-Team. And the outcome... is always a major success.

​6. I am honest. I know I said I'd give you 5 reasons, but I need to end with this thought. If you have a request that I can't deliver on, I will tell you. If you have an idea that I don't believe will pan out well, I will tell you. I want you to know that I am on your side and want your event to be what you are envisioning, so to a fault, I will be honest with you. And I hope you will with me.

So there you have it! If you are getting married, hosting a birthday party, celebrating your firms successful first year in business, Shauna Loves Planning can help, and we're just a phone call or email away! Contact Shauna Loves Planning today!

Best, ​Shauna

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